The Special Community Of Santee

I’ve lived in Santee for about 7 years now, and I have to say it’s been pretty awesome. The sun’s shining most of the time, there’s so many beautiful sites to see, the people have a health-conscious mindset, and there’s so much more wildlife than where I was before. I do miss the thunder and lightning storms, the snow, and some of the food on the east coast, but I can always visit when I want to.  As you’ll soon see, weather isn’t the only awesome thing about Santee!


Santee’s Business & Services Community

Since I’ve been here, I’ve had to deal with some mediocre businesses, but also some very professional and accommodating businesses. One of them is a place I still go to regularly for skin care, and because they are so great at what they do, I will not go anywhere else unless I’m forced to. I had to go in for back acne treatments (I have to look my best on these Cali beaches!) and found a love day spa La Jolla online and decided to check it out.

After regular treatments, my back is almost cleared up and I don’t have to feel insecure about it anymore after this. I’m so thankful for what they do, and even when it’s gone, I will still get treatments here and there to make sure my skin stays clear. I might check out their other services as well!

The reason I was able to move here is because I’m a pretty successful author and get paid nicely. I’m not what one would consider rich, but I do quite well, so I’m able to live here comfortably. I usually just write my books and then that’s that, but this time I wanted to look into making my book an audio book as well.

changing books into audio

I looked up someone local who could help me with that and I ended up hiring Studio C after researching sound studio San Diego to accomplish the task. The team were very professional and listened to what I wanted and started very soon after that. I was extremely happy with their services and I know a lot of my readers have appreciated having the audio version of my latest book.

Finally, I’ve had my dog since he was a puppy, but he is now a senior and can’t hear very well. I decided to take him to a vet, one who I had heard about through one of my close friends. I wanted to see if there was anything else I should be concerned about, since he is my closest family member.

doggy getting old

The caring vet gave him a thorough exam, more so than I had seen any other vet perform, and I could tell right away that she genuinely cares about animals. I had some x-rays done and some blood work (which I had to wait on the results for) but the x-rays we went over pretty much right away. She explained everything precisely and patiently, and was very nice to me AND my dog, so I will make sure to keep her as my permanent vet.

It’s always nice to deal with genuine, nice people for professional services. I didn’t find too many of them where I used to live, maybe because everyone was stressed and in a hurry. Whenever I encounter these businesses, I want to make sure people know about it, because they will know they are in good hands if they need that particular service. And now I’m going to take my dog to the beach!