How A Day At Santee Lakes Can Relax YOU!

Recently I realized I needed a ‘chill day’ away from everything and everybody. I took State Route 52 up to Santee, a small city in San Diego County, California.

highway to Santee

Once there, I headed directly to Santee Lakes Park. This well maintained, clean park is laid out in such a way that, although there were several visitors there, there’s a feeling of having the whole place to yourself, which is exactly what I needed.

I parked my SUV in the lot, grabbed my kit and headed on foot to the General Store to inquire about kayak rentals. I usually go to Mission Bay so I searched and called kayak rentals San Diego to be on the open ocean, but this time I wanted to come inland a little. Anyway, in next to no time, my kit and I were heading out on the lake in our kayak.

floating cabins

I paddled around in search of a spot to do some trout fishing, but I don’t know how serious I was about actually catching any fish. I had only brought a couple snacks to munch on, so I could only stay so long. I planned to stop and eat at one of the delightful little restaurants in Santee. But for the moment, fishing was a great therapy for the stress I was offloading.

I found the ideal spot pretty quickly and a marker I could remember for later, to come back to, in case I caught a lot of fish. This could not have been better planned if I had done it myself. Here I could sit comfortably, my line cast, my cooler of cold brews in front of me and contemplate the wonders of tranquility which surrounded me on all sides.

lakes in Santee

I caught a couple fish, but threw them back, since I was just there for the entertainment of actually catching some. If you find yourself stressed, I recommend you plan a day on the lake at Santee Lakes.

I won’t tell you how to find my fishing spot, but I can guarantee you will, as I did, return destressed, relaxed and refreshed!