How To Enjoy A Beautiful Day In Lake Murray

overview of reservoir - Lake Murray

Lake Murray Overview

Lake Murray is a reservoir located between San Diego and nearby La Mesa and Santee. It covers 171 acres of land, has a shoreline of a little over 3 miles, and the water can be up to 95 feet deep. There is a concrete walking path around the lake that allows people to walk, bike, or roller blade for almost 6.5 miles round trip.

Some people view this as an alternative to hiking Cowles Mountain, where they want to have a more relaxing walk. The trail does not go all the way around the lake, so you must stop at 3.2 miles and then head back.

If you want a nice day at the park for a picnic, they have over 60 picnic tables and 10 grills to use, or you can bring your own grill. They don’t allow you to build fires or use glass containers. It’s open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset, so there’s plenty of time for nice day vacations.

Are Dogs Allowed At Lake Murray?

Dogs are allowed, so you can take them for a walk and then let them enjoy the outdoors as you picnic! They must always be leashed, however, and stay a certain distance from the water. The trail may get hot in the summer, so please consider that when walking your dog, as their paws can get severely burned.

people walking around lake

You can also rent boats and go fishing, or bring your own boat and gear. The concession stand sells fishing licenses and permits if you don’t have them.

They sell bait as well, and the lake is regularly stocked with many kinds of fish, including bass, bluegill, catfish, and trout. There are rules as to how many you can catch and the minimum sizes you can keep, so make sure you know before you go out on the lake.

You don’t have to rent a boat to fish, as you can also use float tubes, wade by the shore or just throw your line in at the edge of the water.

pic of guy fishing

If you’re not fishing and just want to go out on boat for a pleasure cruise, you can rent boats and kayaks, or you can bring your own as well; a kayak such as a Sun Dolphin Bali would be perfect whether you want to fish or kayak leisurely. They may charge you for launching your own boat, so make sure to check with them first.

There is plenty of parking, even on the weekend. Some people go just to watch the beautiful sunset over the trees after a hard day at work. There’s ducks there to feed (as well as other birds), but a good tip for that is to feed them leafy greens or thawed frozen peas, not bread or crackers, which contain very little nutrition.

geese at Lake Murray

The walking trail is flat and the park is very peaceful and quiet. However, if it’s a hot day, the lack of sufficient shade might be a problem if you don’t have some sunscreen.

Bringing Your Camera Is A MUST!

Be sure to take a camera, as there are many beautiful sites and wildlife to take pictures of. There are almost 150 species of birds at Lake Murray, so if you’re a bird lover, this would be perfect for you. The park itself is clean with lots of green scenery that everyone would love!